Parish Council Meeting

Good morning

The first meeting of the newly elected council took place last night (Wednesday) at the village hall, the meeting was called for all councillors to be sworn in and to elect councillors for the forth coming council year. The following councillors were elected as follows.

Chair: Colin Wilkins,  Vice Chair: Kevin Connell,  Recreation Organisation: Bryany Neal,  Village Hall Committee: Mike Hillier,  Defibrulator: Sarah Little,  Environment and Flooding Committees: Mel Mileham,  Road and Transport: Colin Wilkins,  Grants: Ian Brooks,  Exmoor Policy Meetings: Kevin Connell,  Correspondence “Across Exmoor”: Jennifer Yates (Clerk),  Editor Council Website: Jennifer Yates.

Dates of all future meetings will be published in the near future.

Have a nice day.