Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts

Details of the Charitable Trusts are shown below:

The Winsford Trust (formerly Winsford Charitable Trust)

The Trust was formed in 2002 to maintain the Village Green after the sale of the Old Village Hall.  The Trust is administered by all members of the elected Parish Council, with Trust meetings being held as a separate meeting at the conclusion of the bi-monthly last Monday in the month council meeting.
Further information can be obtained from the Clerk to the Council who can be contacted by phone on 07852 813983 or by email at

For Winsford Trust meeting agendas and minutes, please select from those below:

  • Agenda for Monday 25 January 2021 click here on Agenda
  • Minutes for Monday 25 January 2021 click here on Minutes
  • Agenda for Monday 29 March 2021 (Council meeting finished too late for this to proceed) click here on Agenda
  • Agenda for Monday 21 June 2021 (Council meeting finished too late for this to proceed) click here on Agenda
  • Agenda for Monday 22 November 2021 click here on Agenda

The George Joyce Charity Trust

In the 17th century George Joyce gave his farm of 140 acres and farm house on Furzhill Lane to be shared by Winsford, Timberscombe, and Wootton Courtney Parish Councils, this has resulted in the land and farmhouse being split and let on tenancy agreements with the rent set by a land agent.

There are nine Trustees, three per council, they meet twice a year, the meeting in April distributes the profit from the trust to the three councils who then have a nominated panel of three to distribute in their area, Winsford use the Somerset County Councils Agent for her expertise in distributing the money.
If one of the tenancies becomes available it will be put to tender.

September 2021 Update – At the last recent meeting of the trust, Richmond Harding who for over twenty years has served as chairman, stood down, and handed over the chair to Roger Webber who was voted in as the new chairman.  We are pleased that Richmond will stay on as a trustee.

The Henry Leigh Withypool Education Trust

The Trust was set up in 2004 after the sale of Withypool school, the school and land was given to Withypool in the 1880s by Henry Leigh a farmer.

The objective of the Trust is to give educational grants to any child or young person under the age of 25 who live in the parishes of Withypool and Hawkridge, Exford, and Winsford, grants are given for activities such as music, swimming, driving instruction, farming courses and educational needs, an example being laptops etc.

The Trust which is made up of five elected members from each parish meet three times a year (January, April and September).

The Winsford Trustee is Keith Lindop.

To obtain a grant, the forms are available from the Henry Leigh website ( or contact Keith on 01643 851463