Special arrangements for Recycling or refuse collection over next bank holidays

If your recycling and/or refuse is usually collected on a Monday, that will be the case on Monday 1 May. Collections will be on normal scheduled days for the rest of that week. Working the bank holiday Monday will mean that crews will not have to work Saturday 6 May.

There will be no collections on Bank Holiday Monday 8 May and collections will be one day later for the rest of that week. That includes collections that would usually take place on Friday 12 May taking place on Saturday 13 May.

These arrangements will avoid crews having to work back-to-back Saturdays, and gives them the chance to get involved in celebrations over the special Bank Holiday weekend.

All 16 recycling sites will be open as usual at weekends, 9am to 4pm. And, if opening Mondays is part of their normal opening pattern, they will be open on both Bank Holiday Mondays (1 May and 8 May), from 9am to 6pm.