Sowing the seeds

Sowing the seeds is an initiative run by the National Park in conjunction with FWAGSW, Devon Wildlife Trust, South West Water and other partners to create more wild flower meadows across Exmoor.

Meadows attract a multitude of wildlife and often support flora and fauna that cannot thrive in other habitats. Typically characterised by species such as black knapweed, ox-eye daisy, yellow rattle, hawkbits, vetches and rarer orchids, they can also support colourful waxcap fungi with names such as parrot, snowy and crimson. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, they are ecologically important as they provide areas for pollinating insects, nesting, food gathering, shelter and even animal courtship displays.   Flower-rich meadows can also be historically important, part of our local rich heritage and their enjoyment can contribute to our own wellbeing.

In 2021, we were delighted to be able to carry out essential vegetation surveys, harvest 30kgs of seed and provide seed to 5 landowners to restore over 11 acres of meadow.  We also funded the harvesting of 4 acres of green hay, which was used to restore nearly 4 acres of meadow on a neighbouring farm. We purchased a seed harvester that is now available for us to use and loan to landowners around Exmoor to help them create new meadows.

“The aim is to “seed” community level activity to restore these grasslands, whether on-farm, road verge, village green, churchyard, or school, loaning equipment and providing a resource platform to help with targeting and linking people with seed-rich hay, with others requiring seed-rich hay.”

Sowing the Seeds has been made possible thanks to generous donations to CareMoor for Exmoor as well as funding from South West Water and a grant from the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme. You too can donate to our CareMoor Appeal to help us do more!

Would you like to help, learn more or become a donor site?

We would love to hear from anyone interested in meadow creation, at any scale, and also from people with existing flower-rich meadows who might be interested in becoming a donor site. Please contact us at