Helicopter Landings

Good afternoon

During the last few days various rumours have been circulating with regard to the landing of helicopters on the recreation ground on a concrete helicopter pad being built with landings taking place every week, both of which are completely wrong.

The Parish Council met on Monday 29th January (not the village council which was reported in various correspondence, which of course does not exist) to discuss and recommend various concerns to the Recreation Association, ( the Recreation Association were granted a 100 year lease in 1989 at the request of Ann Le Bas after she had given the land to the Parish Council).

The concerns raised were as follows:

That helicopters should only be permitted to land in the shooting season ( 1st October to 1st February) and for guests staying at the Royal Oak Winsford.

That all landings are recorded and meet with aviation and insurance requirements.

Advanced warnings of landings should be published, with a copy on the recreation field gate.

It may increase the trade at the Royal Oak therefore it would help the economy of the village, but the Recreation Association should take into consideration the views of the residents.

Over the years up to Covid, shoot helicopters have been allowed to land but this amounted to one or two a season.

The decision on whether private helicopters are allowed to land with the exception of emergency helicopters is the responsibility of the Recreation Association and not the Parish Council.