Free support to help farmers in your parish navigate the Agricultural Transition

Business Information Point is offering a new programme of free support to help farmers in the South West navigate the current Agricultural Transition.

The project aims to help farmers understand the changes and adapt to the gradual phasing out of basic payments which will end altogether in 2027. The loss of the direct payments will remove around £883 million of income from the four south west counties during the transition period and puts 65% of farm businesses at risk of closure due to low profitability and high reliance on direct payments.

The Future Farming Resilience programme will play a vital role in making farmers aware of the government support that will be available to replace these payments and includes: 

  • Transition workshops: Local workshops to discuss the changes and look at new funding options, as well as planning strategies for the future.
  • One-to-one support: Accessfree one-to-one support with an experienced agricultural advisor to talk specifically about your farm business and develop an agreed and documented action plan.
  • Small group webinars: Covering topics such as digital skills, succession planning, woodlands, environmental schemes, soil management, diversification, marketing, business planning and grant schemes.
  • Digital training: Build digital confidence and gain IT skills to better manage the farm business. The sessions are delivered in a no-nonsense, practical, and supportive manner, free of jargon!

Full details are available on the Business Info Point website