Winsford Parish Council Tax 2021/22

Good morning,

Parishioners have asked why there has been a 44.1% increase on the precept for the forthcoming year, rising from £4500 to £6500.  The reason for such a rise is that the council is now expected to have a reserve of between 50% to 100% of the precept for major expenditure or emergency works, as a council we are not allowed to borrow money or go overdrawn.  In the near future the bus shelter will need major repairs or be replaced, together with the noticeboard which is becoming rotten, also the council will need a lockup shed to house various items that are stored at the moment in councillors homes.

To help parishioners understand where the council is coming from, in 2009/10 the precept was £3250 and then reduced to £2500 for 2010/11, it was raised in 2011/12 to £3200 and then for the next six years it was not increased until 2018/19, with no major expenditure taking place, in 2018/19 it was increased to£3800 and 2020/21 to £4500.  During these years there was very little surplus accrued.  The council would also like to point out to parishioners that a band D property in 2020/21 in Cutcombe Parish would have been £75.61, Exford £60.95, and Winsford £27.40, therefore even with the 44.1% increase the Winsford Tax for 2021/22 will only be £39.46, still far short of our neighbouring parishes.  This rate of increase of course extends to all council tax bands.

The council hope this helps parishioners to understand the need for the increase.

Stay safe.