Replacement Water Pipe

Good morning,

Following yesterdays report, the council have been given more information by Wessex Water with regard to the work being carried out on The Steep.  Work will commence on Monday 14th June, starting at the Exmoor Road end.  The Steep will not be completely dug up as a special machine will be used to work underground from holes up to 50 metres apart and all holes will be plated over at night.  It is envisaged that the sixteen houses which take water from this main will always have a supply.  If there is a problem Wessex Water will ensure every house that is affected will be informed.  It is hoped that the work will be completed in four weeks and if they have problems, weekend work will take place.  Matt is the person who has the responsibility for the project and will always be on site.  The two storage sites have now been caged off, one on the car park in the centre of the village, and the other in the grounds of the Old School House.

Have a good day.