Parish Council Elections

Good morning,

The parish council will meet for the last time on Monday 28th March before the election of a new council on Thursday 5th May.  The parish council will have served 3 years instead of the customary 4 years due to the reorganisation of Somerset Councils.  The next elected council will be in office for 5 years.  The itinerary for the election for the council is as follows, the notice of  the election will be published on the 21st March with councillor application forms becoming available (forms can be obtained from the  Council Clerk (07852 813983) or Somerset West and Taunton District Council).  The forms then must be completed and returned to SW&TDC by the 6th April.  If more than 7 residents apply to be councillors an election will take place on the 5th May with the result being published on 7th May.

Have a nice day.