Organ Recital Marathon

Good morning,

Following Brenda’s organ marathon last Saturday, she has asked if we could publish her thoughts on the day as a way of saying thank you.

Brenda’s Organ Challenge.

The challenge was to play one verse of every hymn in the new hymn book (829 plus a few extra to make 850), at the parish church.  I started playing at 9.00am, had a half lunch break, a five minute break (for cake) late afternoon and finished playing at 6.15pm.  I was completely overwhelmed by the incredible support from everyone who came to listen, sing, and generally enjoy the day.  A team of ladies served refreshments all day and the bell-ringers rang during my lunch break.  Tracey had made posters marking each session of 50 hymns, a poster saying “DO NOT FEED THE ORGANIST” was displayed together with a display of little green knitted frogs around the organ.  My very grateful thanks to Tracey and her band of helpers, to those who made cakes, to the bell-ringers, the flower arrangers, and to all who so generously donated by the various means available to the church funds.  The amount raised is just over £3000- a total unexpected – THANK YOU.  The greatest pleasure for me was hearing people laughing and chatting together and singing at the tops of their voices, almost drowning out the organ, especially the rendition of “Jerusalem” was worthy of the Albert Hall.  The whole day was truly a team effort.  Winsford is very fortunate in having such a beautiful organ, a grade one listed instrument which is an absolute joy to play.


With love from Brenda.

Brenda, to complete this challenge was amazing, and I am sure every resident is in awe of what you did.

Have a nice day.