Flubot, Text Message Scam

Good morning

The council have been advised by Avon and Somerset Police of a text message scam, this is a malicious piece of Spyware that is installed on your Android device once you receive a text message asking you to install a Tracking App due to a “missed package delivery”. The “Tracking App” will steal your password and other sensitive data, whilst sending messages to your contacts to do the same. The text message asks the user to clink on the link (PLEASE DONT), doing so will take you to a website where you will be prompted to download the App (DEFINATELY DON’T). Please forward any scam messages to 7726 (SPAM on your keyboard) which is a free reporting service. Although this scan only applies to Android phones at the moment, Apple IOS users should remain alert as could apply to these handsets in the near future,

Have a nice Bank Holiday Monday.